Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey everyone,

My name is Lacey and I am not a runner! I am a baker. I love baking cookies, scones, cakes, cupcakes, bars, and all manner of delicious deserts. In fact baking is what I am know for, I can't tell you how many people now have "Lacey's pancakes" in their recipes box. But I don't want to be remembered as the pudgy girl who always had the best treats, I am more than that and I will not let my sugar addiction rule my life any more!

Obesity runs in my family in the most unfortunate way. We are tiny little girls in high school, lose our baby weight in the early 20's relatively fast, and then out of no where our metabolisms just gives up right around 30. After a life time of mindless snaking, out eating the running back in a pizza eating contest, and NEVER having anything to do with sports or physical activity............ BAM! The weight hit me like a brick wall, I swear I can't even look at a cookie without gaining weight now a days.

My grandmother passed away in her mid 60'a after complications from a hip replacement due to her obesity. I have watched my mother and aunts struggle in their own weight loss battles, and to be quite honesty obesity has always been one of my biggest fears.  I have never admitted this before but I have always felt like it is only a matter of time before I "put on the weight." It's like knowing you have a final exam in school tomorrow that you haven't studied for, in fact I fell like I haven't even taken the class! My metabolism is going to slow down and I have no idea how to eat a healthy diet and I have NEVER had anything to do with excesses, I am so unprepared!

Here's the good news: I hate soda, juice, and could honestly live the rest of my life without ice cream and be fine. I have a great support system and access to a gym that is fully equip. The bad news: I love chocolate and want to continue baking, even if its just for others. I have three little boys who get up at 6AM everyday and plan on being pregnant at least once more, and I hate fish! I know it is good for you but I just can't do it, trust me I have tried! I get so discouraged every time I find a new healthy eating site or book that is just packed with fish recipes and nothing else, grrrrrr...... Also I am a carbaholic! I have no idea what people are talking about when they talk about good and bad carbs, "What do you mean these  butter pretzels are empty carbs????? They taste pretty filling and delicious to me!"

So I am taking charge! My baby is three months old and I have started running 5 times a week, working out 4 times a week, and doing everything I can to eat healthy. I am going to read a book called, "Releasing fat" by doctor Ray Strand to help me understand what carbs are all about and how to recognize the good from the bad. I have never been obese and the plan is to never be that way. This blog basically as 3 purposes:

1. To make my self accountable and keep a recorded of my journey.

2. To get support and feed back from others out there who can help educate me in the areas I struggle

3. To help other women like myself who are 30-50lbs over weight and terrified of what the future
    may hold if they don't change things, NOW! Lets do it together ladies it may not be that fun in the
    beginning but it will get easier and changing your life style is the only way to save your future.

So here we go!

Me in high school:

Wedding Day


70lbs gained with baby #1:

After baby #1:

50lbs with baby #2:

after baby #2:

40lbs with baby #3:

Day 1 of the rest of my life. (I can't belive I am actually posting this!)

So I am starting off with Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred and running 1.5 miles a day. I am planning of doing my shred in the mornings while my boys eat breakfast and getting in the runs whenever I can. I am going to run outside so that I don't just wuss out on the treadmill and come home after half a miles and "pretend" I went more. I am doing this for me so it doesn't really make any difference to anyone else if I lie about what I accomplished each day. I am the one who is going to be disappointed in the end.

Also I have decided that I am not going to let the scale make or brake my week. I am setting workout goals and eating goal and at the end of the week, if I have met those goals I will be happy, regardless of "the number!"

All right I am ready for you tips, thanks for stopping by and showing your support.


Nicole Wagner Makeup said...

You did it!!!!! I am SO glad you started this blog!!! You will find support unlimited through this, I promise! I am SO proud of you and all that you are doing. I love you to bits and you inspire me beyond measure! this will also be great to follow your progress after you move (in 38 days:(:( waaaaaa!!!) and support you from afar! I love ya girl! you are doing it and I KNOW your future as a fit woman holds unlimited possibilities!!!!!!! xxxxxx

Raina said...

Hi! I am looking forward to seeing your journey. You are going to be in great shape! Your plan looks solid to me- and don't be afraid of the TM. It's amazing how fast a few miles can slip by when you have it in front of netflix :)

fancy nancy said...

I'm looking forward to following your journey! It sounds like your plan is realistic and reachable!

J said...

Awesome post Lacey. By the way if you looked that good in a bikini there is no reason you can't get back to that if you continue this routine of healthy eating and exercise. Even if you have had three kids. I know you can do it.

FoodFaithFitness said...

Good for you! Obesity runs in my family as well as diabetes. Even being 10 lbs overweight can pose health risks. I have lost 31 lbs since starting to "Eat Clean". It takes planning, but you can do it! I also have 3 kids and am training for my 3rd full marathon in January. Best of luck to you!!

Valerie said...

Way to go Lacey. Blog land has helped me vent about races and weight issues, that I really don't want on my family blog. Its a great tool. Good luck tomorrow on your race. I'm excited for you to cross that line, from one runner to another, let me tell you "It will change your life."
Also if you are looking for inspirational 'dieting' books I am currently finding great success with the "17 Day Diet," written by a Doctor. Check out my blog for more info.