Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not sure how to proceed so.....

I'm just jumping right into it! So some of my girlfriends were talking about starting up a weight watchers group and I decided it was time to jump on board. I had done WW before and had great results but this time I just wanted to make healthy eating a part of my life and be accountable to someone for a weekly weigh in. We started on October 11th which was just over 7 weeks ago, and so began my journey.

That first week I was a juicing machine, we had always had a juicer sitting in our storage but it NEVER got used. Turns out I love juicing! Its a great way to get in all your veggies as well as getting all the awesome vitamins from those leafy greens without having to eat salads all day. I hate smoothy's and juice, they give me brain freeze and I have just always been a milk and water type girl. Every morning I would get up and have an 80cal piece of toast to fill my belly and make me thirsty and then just chug my juice. I juiced everything! Carrots, beats, apples, kale, spinach, tomatoes, you name it I was juicing it. I lost 4 pounds and felt like a million bucks. My good friend Nicole came over one afternoon and said, hey come run a mile with me.


My philosophy has always been, I only run when being chased, but her persistence won out and I ended up lacing up my sneakers and heading out for one LONG, HARD mile. Now I know that a mile is a mile, TECHNICALLY there is no such thing as a long or short mile but I am telling you not all miles are created equally! That first mile felt like a marathon and if it wasn't for Nicole chatting away beside me I would have giving up long before hitting the one mile mark 11plus minutes later. But you know what, it felt good. I realized right then and there that I didn't want to find myself 50 pounds and 10 years down the road saying, "I only run if being chased!" Stupid! I wanted to start running and so, I DID!

I started with one mile five days that week, and then 1.5 miles 5 days the next week, and after one month I ran my first two miles without stopping at a 10.21 pace. It felt great! The weather had been perfect and I had yet to experience any major resistance. but as we move from October to November my beautiful sunny afternoons turned into foggy mornings and rainy afternoons. I didn't care though, I was running 5 to six time a week and found myself thinking of ways to improve my time and push myself further, I was starting to actually LIKE running.

Last Monday I ran my first 3 miles and I ran it at a 10:11 pace. Once I knew I could do 3 there was no going back, it has basically been 3 everyday since then, aside from Sundays, and I have managed to hit a 9:31 pace. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Not only that but I have run 3.1 and 3.2 miles on two of those days. In six weeks I have gone from a 11:00 minute mile of death to running 3 miles in the pouring rain at a 9:31 and still smiling. I feel great at am ready to start keeping better track of my journey.

Tomorrow is my first 5K and lets just be honest, I'm terrified! I have never done anything competitive in my whole life so I am not sure how it will effect me. I am nervous that all the people passing me will make me feel slow and want to quite but I am counting on the garmen to remind me that I am on track to my 30 minute goal. I also am not really sure about what to eat an when, I am still trying to figure out what works best for my body but I will just have to do my best and be happy with the results, WISH ME LUCK!

here's a little photo update:
me after 3 weeks: (horizaltal pictures are week one)

Me after my 3 miles in the pouring rain: